Breathe. Recover. Perform.

Workshops to learn how to take expert care of your own body

When you graduate from our intensive training course, you'll be able to find and fix your own soft-tissue problems. Break free from expensive providers and continue performing at your best!

Why you need to learn the Asher Method...

Over the past 14 years of working with all kinds of active people from serious Triathletes to youth athletes, we've seen what works and what doesn't. It seemed that no one was doing what we considered "ultimate care." So we took the most effective techniques available and condensed them down into a program of self-care recovery. So far, there's nothing like it out there!

Learn how to fix your own body

Find the underlying problems and fix them yourself. Once you graduate, you’ll be able to take care of your own body, instead of being dependent on providers.

More energy, Less pain

Rejuvinate your life by reducing tension and pain. Have more energy to do what you want to do. Stay flexible, loose, and mobile.

Keep doing what you love to do

Your job depends on staying flexible, strong, and pain-free. Keep your productivity and job satisfaction high.

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We have limited openings available for our first workshops. Classes begin July 3, 2017.

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