We've tested tons of products and show you what we found works best. We use them and we recommend you use them for the best results.

Watch this 5 min. video to see which equipment works best
  • Stick & Strap Leverage Tool
    This is a completely different way to create massive amount of leverage and pressure on the traps and upper shoulders! You will be surprised how much lighter your neck and shoulder will feel after using this.
  • Foam Ball 5” Dense
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  • Massage Ball 5"
    We use this hard foam ball for deeper pressure than a foam roller. This one is the perfect size and doesn't wear out fast like others. Don't get the squishy ones. Approx. $9 at
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  • Spine Muscle Pressure Generator
    If you’re trying to generate more depth and pressure on your muscles than a lacrosse ball this will do the trick!
  • Lacrosse Ball 2½"
    Firm ball for pin-point pressure. 2.5" diameter. Comes in a variety of colors. Approx. $6 at
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  • Foam Roller 6"
    We use this firm but lightweight foam roller. It lasts a lot longer than cheaper ones. 6" diameter. Available 12", 18", 24", 36" lengths. Get the 18" for all-around use ($15). The 12" is good for travel ($11). Buy at
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  • Resistance Band
    This micro resistance band has a square design that we find easier to use. It's a continuous loop so you can use it in a lot of different ways. 1/4" thick, 41" long. $7 on
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